Sheetminder Partners with eAccountable to Make Beats on Amazon, Google & Affiliate Marketing

by | May 3, 2021 | Blog, Partners

Sheetminder is now partners with eAccountable. They are working in concert together on a revitalized digital marketing strategy that includes optimizing their Amazon, Google, and Affiliate Marketing channels to grow their revenue.

Sheetminder is making soundwaves in the music industry.  They are a provider of innovative products that help musicians assemble, arrange and organize printed sheet music. Sheetminder has created innovative products like the Soloist and Songbook designed for music students, soloists and organized musicians to “get their sheet together”.

The Soloist lets you assemble, arrange, protect, and display up to 5 pages of sheet music at a time, and the Songbook lets you do the same with up to 24 pages of sheet music. With these products, Sheetminder is revolutionizing sheet music for seamless practices and performances for musicians, music teachers, and performers everywhere.

Sheetminder has become partners with eAccountable in order to revitalize their digital marketing efforts — bringing their products to musicians everywhere. Our team at eAccountable will be taking an omnichannel marketing approach, focusing efforts on Amazon, Google, and Affiliate Marketing.

Let’s go make some music together!

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