Engagement and Conversion Optimization
with Unlock-An-Offer

Get real customer engagement for real increases in conversion with eAccountable’s Unlock-An-Offer. Unlock-An-Offer unlocks customer relationships to create opportunities in:

  • Early customer engagement (when a visitor first comes to your site)
  • Deeper website engagement
  • Site abandonment
  • Cart abandonment
  • Customer Loyalty

What is Unlock-An-Offer?

A suite of digital marketing technology services which drive meaningful customer engagement and higher conversion rates. Through the use of specialized tools such as those listed below, Unlock-An-Offer is most helpful at key times in the sales cycle.

Example Campaign: Left - Slideout Modal Tab (email capture + coupon)

  • Timely and incentivized email/cell phone number collection
  • Real-time incentives and offers
  • Product recommendations
  • Customer generated reviews, social Q & A and rich media
  • Personalized content based on prior searches, site visits, purchases and other personal and demographic data
  • Email communications regarding products left in abandoned carts
  • Finding email addresses of customers who have yet to provide contact information
  • Real-time engagement offers upon customer attempt to leave the site
  • Effective loyalty programs
  • Customer experience optimization
  • Hyper-cart optimization
  • Retargeting

Why Unlock-An-Offer for Engagement and Conversion Optimization

A retailer will cease being a retailer without significant, regular and repeatable conversions. A primary driver of conversions is engagement with the brand. Unlock-An-Offer provides the right balance and mix of marketing technology to drive both.

How Unlock-An-Offer Helps Retailers

Unlock-An-Offer provides either the entire holistic engagement and conversion program or select pieces of it to support retailers where they need it most. Whether it is collecting email/SMS text addresses and providing promotions when a visitor first lands on your site, getting customers on your site to further engage with it, getting customers to come back to their cart after they have abandoned it, preventing customers from leaving your site or implementing effective and compelling loyalty programs - Unlock-An-Offer helps retailers drive more customer engagement - and conversions.

The Stats Behind Engagement and Conversion Optimization

Who We Work With

Hear what clients say about our services...

  • Joe Schmidt
    Joe Schmidt - Best in the Business. I've known the team at eAccountable for going on 10 years and they've never let me down. We've worked on nearly 6 accounts together and they never stop at any one stream of revenue or opportunity, they always show up with novel and new ideas on how to achieve our goals. I cannot recommend them highly enough.
  • D.M.
    D.M. - eAccountable has an excellent knowledge of the business...but even more important for PureFormulas, is the fact that we can rely on these great folks to get the job done in an efficient manner. Our partnership has been built on an impeccable value system that consists of transparency, integrity, and revolving in a culture driven by mutually agreed results and accountability. We love working with Durk, Stephanie and all past and present eAccountable team members -- rare combination of driving outstanding results at a cost that's extremely approachable. Thanks for all you do for the PureFormulas team!
  • Lisa Sodolak
    Lisa Sodolak - I don't even have to think about Affiliate Marketing. With eAccountable in our corner, we don't even have to think about our Affiliate Marketing programs. Instead I can focus on other areas of marketing while they manage our 2 affiliate marketing portals and communicate our progress back to me. It's a relief to have a partnership that you don't always have to check up on to make sure they are doing a good job for you! After several years, our affiliate marketing channel continues to grow each month."
  • B. Mansfield, Senior Marketing Director
    B. Mansfield, Senior Marketing Director - 7 years and counting. We started at ground zero, and every year since our affiliate sales have grown. This year is no exception. Durk, Stephanie and the rest of the team are professionals to the 9th degree. This year we brought on the Adwords and SEO side of eAccountable, we have no doubt that we will see the same growth in sales as we have seen in the affiliate program over the years. 5 stars and more, eAccountable meets and beats our goals.

Why eAccountable for Engagement and Conversion Optimization

With 19+ years in the engagement and conversion optimization space, eAccountable and our Unlock-An-Offer program are pioneers in this continuously growing and changing field. During these last two decades, we have not only developed a powerful suite of technology to drive engagement and conversions - we also have a team with the experience and tenure to drive significant increases in engagement and conversion rates.

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