What if:

… you could learn from your customers what you are doing right or wrong on your site, shipping process, or call center?
… you could turn “good” responses into testimonials?
… you could turn “bad” responses into customer service wins and improve your brand?
… you were to receive a monthly response report with specific areas to improve or celebrate?

What we offer:

About 7-10 days after the product delivery date, a followup with a link to a Customer Satisfaction Survey is sent to the customer.

The customer is asked how they valued their experience and provides a wealth of data and goodwill.

We help you find out your customer “persona” or identity with additional demographic, geographic and psycho-social profile questions.

What we offer:

  • Custom questions
  • Custom look and feel
  • Branded to the Advertiser
  • No technical installation required.

What we offer: Costs

  • FREE for the first Month
  • Pricing is “per completed” survey and priced by volume. There is no minimum monthly purchase amount and we can manage to any budgeted amount.
  • Costs (number of monthly completes) can be capped.
  • How to estimate your costs: 10% to 20% of your monthly sales will complete the survey.