Mobile Branded Website

  • Increase your exposure with a mobile product catalog.
  • Display your products in a mobile-friendly format.
  • Allow customers to quickly browse and purchase your products from any mobile device.

Mobile Branded Website: Take Advantage of Showrooming

  • Provide in-store retail shoppers the ability to find your product at a lower price.
  • Incentivize the purchase with an offer.
  • Capture mobile phone numbers and increase your mobile subscriber base.

Mobile Shipping Notifications

  • Grow your mobile subscriber base by offering your customers shipment notifications and live tracking data.
  • Send customers a shipment notification text message.
  • The customer’s order has been shipped. Now you can further cement your relationship with them by providing real-time live data tracking on a branded mobile site. Immediately following the shipping notification the customer receives the branded notification so they can get excited to follow the package’s arrival. The customer simply clicks the link from text message and the branded mobile website provides live shipment tracking data.
  • The branded mobile website can also deliver new deals and offers to the customer as a way to increase sales.

Mobile Offers

  • Increase Sales with SMS Marketing. Leverage the newest, most exciting revenue channel: mobile.
  • Send specials, offers, coupons to increase revenue.
  • Increase product awareness; text your subscribers when a new product arrives.
  • Get to know your customers; survey your subscriber base with text based surveys.