Pay-Per-Call Management

Do you have a call center with sales agents?

Do you want more qualified calls?

Do you want to pay only for qualified calls- by duration or by sale?

Did you know?

  • 54% of consumers want more human interaction with big ticket purchases
  • 77% of consumers want more live assistance available with online purchases
  • 53% of consumers cite a lack of human interaction as a reason why they abandon their shopping carts
  • Statistics of qualified calls indicate a 30-50% conversion rates (vs. 1-3% for clicks) and Average Order Values 1.5-2x higher than online
  • The Pay-Per-Call tools are already available through most affiliates and are ready to turn on immediately in most cases
  • Over 35,000 affiliates use Pay-Per-Call tools available through existing affiliate networks
  • And eAccountable can help you better manage your current call ROI through private campaign management