Publisher/Partner/Affiliate marketing is a great way to drive business and control your cost per conversion. True success in affiliate marketing comes from actively managing your affiliates and rewarding those that are high performers.

eAccountable provides a turn-key solution for managing affiliate marketing programs. We work directly with the major affiliate marketing networks and provide daily management of your program.

Deliverables for affiliate marketing include:

  • Turn-key program strategy
  • Day-to-day program management
  • Payout recommendations
  • Implement tracking for the program
  • Aggressively recruit strategic Publishers/Partners/Affiliates
  • ¬†Publisher/Partner/Affiliate recruitment, activation, retention and growth
  • Publisher/Partner/Affiliate communications
  • Monthly, weekly and daily reporting as required
  • Program corrections and accounting management
  • Brand management of keyword policies and offers, deals and coupons