save-a-customer-logoThe Site Abandon Issue

    • 95%-98% of shoppers will exit a website without buying, leaving their email address, providing a Facebook Like or a cellphone number.
    • Without a solution, those Customers are lost forever!
    • Retargeting may be a solution, but may not necessarily be in real-time.

What if there were tools available that could:

      • Send an optimized behaviorally targeted popup to interrupt the Customer from leaving the website?
      • Bring customers back to the site after they left without buying?
      • Convert 30%-50% of these abandoned carts?


How it Works:

      • Visitor comes to the website but decides to leave without purchasing an item, providing an email address, Facebook like or cellphone number.
      • A popup interrupts the Customer from leaving the site providing an offer to get them to purchase a product “right now” or asks them for an email address, Facebook Like or cellphone number.
      • Simple script added to Content Management System (CMS) of the site.


    • No setup fees.
    • Pay an affiliate payout for saved Customers.