share-a-deal-logoWhat if there was a tool that could:

… Let your customers share their purchases on Facebook & Twitter while increasing new email captures and capturing Facebook & Twitter friends’ profile information?

… Increase the likelihood of new-to-file customers who see a Facebook or Twitter friend’s purchase and go to the Advertiser site & eventually make a purchase!

How the Share-A-Deal Tool Works

  • After completing a purchase, purchaser sees a pop-up window that gives them the opportunity to “Share-A-Deal” with their Facebook friends. If purchaser bought more than one product, they can select the product they chose by clicking on the product photo. Purchaser can include a personal message, too. By sharing, the purchaser will save on their next purchase.
  • Once purchaser clicks “Share”, they see a Facebook pop-up window that asks them to give Facebook permission to share their Facebook Friend List, Email Address and other profile information with Advertiser. Purchaser either clicks “Okay” button or cancels out of process by clicking “Cancel” Button.
  • Purchaser then sees a “Thanks For Sharing” screen, letting them know that their discount for sharing will be emailed to them.
  • Purchaser then gets the opportunity to share their purchase with their Twitter friends.
  • Share-A-Deal Tool increases viral potential of customer purchases being shared with their Facebook Friends & Twitter followers and builds “New-to-File” customers through the use of Advertiser’s customers sharing their purchases.


  • No setup fees.
  • A performance fee based on the number of sales from referred friends and new sales by the referring Purchaser using the offer provided in the communication string.