unlock-an-offer-logoWhat if there was a tool that can:

… grow Facebook “Likes,” email, or cellphone captures from 3% to 10% of the daily site traffic?

… improve Conversion Rates 10% to 30%?

How the Email-Preferred Method Works

  • Pre-purchase opportunity for a site visitor to “ADD Email” to the site and unlock an offer upon doing so.
  • Visitor either adds their email or closes the slideout by clicking on the “X”.
  • The “offer” is unlocked and displayed to the site visitor immediately when the email address is provided.
  • Offer then returns to the side of the page persistent where it can be opened again by the visitor.
  • Tool can also capture likes or cellphone numbers- or combination.
  • Tool increases likes, emails or cellphone captures and improves conversions.




  • 100% Managed Service.
  • Works on any size site.
  • Offers, deals and coupons can be changed at any time by a designated program manager.
  • Custom look and feel delivered for each site. Always branded for the advertiser.
  • Offers can launch from multiple positions on the page.
  • Offers can be made unique from page to page, category to category and etc.
  • All tools are launched from a separate dedicated server so as not to further encumber the client’s site.
  • Simple script added to Content Management System (CMS) of the site.
  • Numerous sales tracking options are available to the Advertiser.






For more information email info@eaccountable.com