There’s a lot to be angry about these days- societal injustices, crimes against humanity, Mother’s Nature’s increasingly devastating wrath and a whole lot more. However, some of people’s anger seems to be creeping into businesses in subtle (and not so subtle ) ways that are harmful.

Instead of offering solutions to problems, many (within a company and outside the business) seek simply to point out problems without ever proposing a way to rectify them. Maybe it’s a generational thing where some businesses want a flatter hierarchical structure where all voices are heard. I applaud that approach, but like the old adage goes…If you’re not part of the solution, you’re part of the problem.

I wouldn’t discourage anyone at our company from pointing out shortfalls, challenges or issues that need addressing, but I would also staunchly encourage those people to employ critical thinking to come up with a solution. Luckily, our team at eAccountable is filled with problem solvers who are also empowered to make the necessary changes when they spot a problem.

This heightened anger may also be the a by-product of the proliferation of social media, which gives everyone a platform. That’s good. Everyone should have a voice. It often keeps companies in check. But there is a downside.- think fake reviews (good and bad), people with agendas,and just random spouting off. We have all gotten used to simply throwing our opinion out there and letting it take flight.That can be good and bad and some judgment and discretion should be be applied.

I believe the spirit that truly differentiates an entrepreneur and startups from the random businessperson is the desire to solve real problems that impact a large base of people. Entrepreneurs and startups spot the gaps, capitalize on opportunities, deliver solutions that solve problems and turn that into a viable business model.  Of course, entrepreneurs have a lot of other qualities that separate them from the pack – drive, persistence, unwavering commitment, willingness to fail, etc. But critical thinking coupled with creative problem solving is one of the most important.

And even though eAccountable is a 16-year old business entity, hardly a startup, we still approach every year and every day in startup mode. We never have all the answers. We can’t solve every problem. But we have lots and lots of great customers and it seems that as we all work together solutions find us. And most times the solution has been generated as a result of a critical question, at a critical time that yields a totally new way of doing something. That’s the startup mentality, that’s what we strive for every day.

So, this week, as you move forward think about problems and issues that need to be addressed in your business and how you can solve them. It doesn’t do your business any good just to criticize without creative solutions.