view_from_the_topThe key to recruiting bloggers to the affiliate space is education.

I recently attended a one-day event where ShareASale invited a dozen bloggers from the Denver area to learn more about the affiliate marketing space in general, working with the ShareASale affiliate network and how to use its  tools to better monetize their websites.

Over the past 6 six years ShareASale has dedicated a lot of resources to educating bloggers on the overall value of being an affiliate. The network has done road shows, one-day events, webinars, attended blogging conferences and events, invited bloggers to its elite annual conference, and more.

It was amazing to meet this great mix of bloggers that were local to me. All of them were women, but not necessarily what you’d label as “Mommy Bloggers.”  This group had content sites that blogged about a range of different topics including yoga, lifestyle, fashion and many other topics.

Most were not currently affiliates or they were just starting out using affiliate marketing as a way to make money from their blogs.

It was eye opening for me to hear that most of these bloggers were making some money – but instead of using affiliate links, they were getting paid, on average, about $250 per post by sponsors.  So, the most asked questions were about why being an affiliate was a better option than sponsorship.

The simplest answer is scalability. As a content blogger you can only write so much and relying on sponsorship as a monetization method often requires reaching out to merchants and negotiating deals. That’s only scalable to a point. Then you have to hire more writers, pay them and dedicate resources to finding merchants willing to pay you. Once that post is completed you aren’t making money from it.

Affiliate marketing, lets these bloggers connect with thousands of merchants that pay them a commission on every sale that they drive to the merchant’s website.  Affiliate links also enable bloggers to continue to leverage their content even after it’s posted.  This long-tail effect is valuable for SEO and driving increased traffic to the blogger’s site.

It was great to see so many of these content bloggers get excited about the affiliate space and the potential to grow their own businesses while still concentrating on the subjects they are passionate about.

Like ShareASale, we understand that blogger outreach is an educational process and recruiting new people to become affiliate is a long-term effort that requires patience, commitment and the willingness to help others fully understand the proven value of becoming an affiliate.