Earlier this year, eBay announced that it is considering a sale or IPO for its eBay Enterprise Network (EEN), one of the largest affiliate programs in the industry.

Since that time, there has been a lot of speculation about the fate of EEN – what company might be a potential buyer or investor, if it will be spun off as a separate company and have an IPO, and many other scenarios.

Many working with EEN have even received emails from other competing affiliate networks. Let the feeding frenzy for eBay merchants begin.

eAccountable has been in close contact with EEN throughout this entire process. We have assurances from top EEN executives that any forthcoming changes will not have a dramatic impact on merchants.

Whether EEN opts for a private equity investment, goes the IPO route, or is acquired, eAccountable believes there is a lot of value in continuing to work with EEN. We believe that the change could free up EEN to make continued improvements and grow without the constraints of eBay.

We already have systems in place to support any adjustments that may be needed for all merchant programs, regardless of the scenario. eAccountable is prepared to make any necessary changes in a seamless and timely manner that ensures the continued success of merchant affiliate programs.

Although the shuttering of The Google Affiliate Network is not the same scenario as EEN, the closing of GAN ultimately helped us put in place a wide range of systems to address any needs of our clients.

Here’s an excerpt of a recent email we received from Michael Jones, Senior Director, Performance Marketing at eBay Enterprise Network, where he addresses some speculation circulating in the industry.

“Allow us to be crystal clear: the reduction in eBay Enterprises and eBay Inc. work force did not touch eBay Enterprise Affiliate Network. In fact, we are increasing our staff both domestically and internationally. We are making strategic investments in our people to help them grow their careers within our organization. Our people are our family – they represent us and you each and every day. We challenge them to be the customer and execute well to ensure the highest levels of integrity and customer satisfaction.

We reiterate our message from earlier this month: Our commitment to you and the affiliate channel has never been stronger or more certain. Today, we are more focused than ever on delivering for our partners.

  • We are in the process of rolling out one of the biggest changes in affiliate commissioning to date; 
  • Our reporting dashboard is undergoing a complete overhaul – creating more insights and visualizations to take your affiliate efforts to the next level; 
  • We are making financial and personnel commitments to expanding internationally, opening our first UK based location last month.

You are with the strongest, most innovative affiliate company in the industry. We will continue to deliver affiliate marketing services and technology in the world class fashion you have been accustomed to.

We expect any deal with EEN to take several months to be completed. During that time we will continue to monitor the situation closely and remain in close contact with EEN executives. We will also continue to update our clients when we have any information that impacts your program.

Maybe we are simply optimists, but we embrace chance and also know that change is the only constant in our industry. We look forward to a seeing how this all plays out and what new, exciting opportunities it may bring for those working with EEN.