view_from_the_topLast year I was a little reflective during this time, but mostly looking ahead to 2015 and our 15-year anniversary of starting

Well, the last 10 months have certainly been a celebration of our 15 years in business, but this period  has also been a time of great growth both with our client list and the product and tool offerings we were able to deliver. I’m thankful that we were able to exceed our own expectations and those of our clients.

None of this would have possible without a great team. Each and every member of the team is such a valuable contributor and genuinely cares about the success of the program’s they manage. Their passion, commitment and knowledge amazes me every day.

I’m also thankful to be part of such a vital, vibrant, innovative industry. It allows me to continue to learn, change, evolve and create value on a daily basis.

Happy Thanksgiving to you and yours.