I was just talking about the benefits of Google Shopping, also known as Product Listing Ads (PLAs) Google.  Then I ran across this great article called “Are You Actually Taking Advantage of Google Shopping? The Answer May Surprise You.”

I wasn’t surprised as we are seeing many of the same findings highlighted in the piece such as:

  • 13 percent of traffic: Google Shopping was 13 percent of traffic and 12 percent of sales for 2013.
  • 84 percent year-over-year increase: Q4 2013 showed a 65 percent year-over-year increase in traffic, and an 84 percent increase in revenue.
  • Mobile PLAs are on the rise: Google introduced Mobile PLAs in 2013, and by Q4 they were 24percent of overall PLA traffic.

The article goes on to focus on why Google Shopping Ads are better than regular text ads (product images, price and more relevant); and how many merchants are missing out on this “no-brainer” opportunity.

Here’s a finding that should get the attention of merchants.

In a random sampling of Google Shopping Keywords done with IM-PACT’s Google Shopping tool, found that only the first six merchants had over 10 percent  market share on Google Shopping. The rest, including many Fortune 500 companies, have a very low percentage of the relevant market, according to the article.

I also love that shopping tools, like IM-PACT, give merchants average position for Google Shopping/ Product Listing Ads in addition to providing insight into the data quality factors. This useful tool generates powerful reports showing what keywords you are not showing up for in Google Shopping, which competitors are ranking above you and whether their product information is of a higher quality than yours. It also reports on how price competitive you are compared to other merchants and which products in your feed need optimization to start showing up more prominently.

I expect Google Shopping to grow as more merchants and retailers realize its value – especially when there are more tools to help analyze and manage the results.

eAccountable is now providing this service to some select clients. Send me an email to see if this is a fit for your business.