By Durk Price

Change and growth go hand in hand. And lately, I’ve been experiencing a lot of both.

The continued growth of the company has led me to move eAccountableOPM’s headquarters from Eagle, Colorado to Denver – about 2 hours away.

It’s been a bittersweet experience. I’m thrilled and excited about the rapid expansion of the business over the last year.  But, at the same time, I feel like I am leaving the place where the company sprang from an idea into a full-fledged, thriving business.

But relocating eAccountableOPM to the vibrant city of Denver was absolutely necessary to continue to expand the company and reach the goals I’ve set. Denver has a rich pool of talent to draw on and great people (along with amazing service) are the cornerstone of our business.

It’s been a big change migrating from the mountains to the city – even if it’s only during the week. I used to see towering snow-covered peaks, a golf course along with elk, deer, coyotes, fox, eagles, hawks, falcons and more from my office window in Eagle Ranch.

Now I am working in a bustling city. The upside is that I have a condo that is an 8 block walk from my new office. I can also take the trolley to the 16th Street pedestrian mall and walk a block or two to get to work.

I’m also going to enjoy taking advantage of the city’s cultural attractions and of course, the great restaurants and nightlife. Plus, with my increasingly hectic travel schedule, being so much closer to a full-service airport is a huge convenience.

And while, I’ll miss being able to walk out to the golf course next to our old Eagle Ranch office to work on my swing, I’ll still be able to do that on weekends when I’m home spending time with the  family.

It also helps that that my beloved dog, Missy, is becoming more settled in her new city digs. She’s loving all the people, the new smells and exploring her new surroundings.  I’m taking my cues from her and soaking it all in.