It’s hard to believe that in these times where the Internet is an integral of everyday life, there are still ecommerce sites that are asking the question “Do I really need a blog?”

The short answer is “Heck, Yes!!”

Let’s start by debunking a common objection:  A blog distracts consumers from actually buying.

Not true. A blog can drive more traffic to your site. Done correctly with calls to action, a blog can drive more sales – not cannibalize sales.

And there are so many more reasons that ecommerce site need a blog:


  • A blog also gives you an opportunity to reinforce your brand message and highlight specific products in more depth
  • It lets your customers connect with the company in a more personal way that simply selling or pushing products doesn’t.
  • A blog gives you content. Google loves content. That means that your website is more likely to come up in more search queries, thus increasing exposure to your website and offering more entry points for visitors.
  • It also enables you to collect and share product reviews. Reviews are a key part of consumers’ decision making for purchases.
  • It lets you share customer stories and testimonials that engage more customers.
  • Good blog content gives you something to share and let’s your customers share as well.  Referrals, shares and recommendations from friends and peers are a top driver of sales.
  • A blog also enables you to direct people to take action – sign up for a newsletter, deal alerts, and new product alerts, etc.
  • You can also answer frequently asked questions about products, trends and more. This means less time answering questions via email or at your call center.
  • You may find that other bloggers with different audiences and high credibility will link to your blog. That gives you a wider audience, more creditability and back links that send more potential buyers your way.
  • It can allow you to build a list. Using an email sign up for newsletters and alerts gives you the email addresses of interested existing and potential buyers. That is valuable ad lets you target those users with special offers.  These can be segmented in so many ways and make you even more relevant to your audience.

These are just a few reasons why ecommerce site must have a blog. What are you waiting for?